March 2018

2018-03-25 trying again with Fedwiki!

Sept 2018

Martin Weller 25 years of EdTEch - 1998 Wikis blog

Couple of interesting things on Organisational Change

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These pages are some of the first I wrote in the early years of the federation. I've now migrated them to current server technology and will house clean accordingly.

FEAST is a global decentralised conference and music festival, connected by radio. It is a celebration of local culture, with communities around the world sharing conversation, sound and music.

Here we present for refinement some of the fundamental writing practices for a FedWiki genre. The wiki genre facilitates readers and writers aiming to capture, share, and reuse networked community knowledge.

Here we consider what federated writing is. So far we have:

Double-square-brackets makes a word or phrase into a hyperlink. This works best if the link is surrounded by words or placed in a context that makes it clear to a reader when thy might benefit from a shift of context.